365 Raw: Days 91-97 with “Travel”

Yes, I probably could have found a moment to write over these past few days, but I was enjoying time with family out of town and decided that was more important than some blog posts on raw food. Staying raw while in Texas wasn’t too difficult. There were times when I wanted to feel “normal” and blend in, but that wouldn’t accomplish my goal of being raw for 365 days. The most challenging part was all the hours I spent at the airport and eventually on a plane last night. There were issues with the first plane so it was delayed, but my flight was so late that much of the terminal I was in was closed or closing. I had taken 1 banana in my backpack and I was able to buy a bottle of water while I waited. That was it, until the plane was finally airborne and I decided to request an apple juice to sustain me until the drive home about five and a half hours later (the Husband brought me some food in the van). I thought one banana would be plenty because I didn’t eat anything on the flight to Texas. Arriving home in the wee hours of the morning wasn’t much fun.

I did have a good time while in Texas though. I figure if I can stay raw surrounded by funnel cakes, corn dogs, and other such “fair” food, then I could probably eat raw anywhere. My family was very supportive, so that was helpful. My mom and I carted fruit pretty much every where we went. While she isn’t raw, or even vegan, she did eat raw much of the time I was there.

Well, I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming, but I won’t return to normal 365 raw posts until tomorrow. I will hit 100 days this week, which is pretty exciting. In the meantime, I’m going to attempt to get some rest and prepare for another trip to the dentist to finish this root canal on Friday… eeekkk!

If you’re wondering about The Journey for April, I’ll have to post that tomorrow too.


365 Raw: Day 73-75 with “Travel”

With any nutrition requirements that aren’t the norm or Standard American Diet, travel can be a challenge. The 13 year old had a skating competition over the weekend, and due to nasty weather, we ended up in a hotel. Fortunately, we planned ahead, not just for me, but for the grain-free 10 year old too. We packed lots of fresh fruit, raw bars, dried fruit, and some frozen stuff for the kids to heat up at the hotel. I even packed a really delicious salad for myself. See, with the entire family being plant-based (no animal products), we had to plan for the chance that restaurants and grocery stores could close because of the snow storm. We’re actually really glad we did because this allowed us to rest more than seeking out places with vegan, raw, and grain-free options. It really alleviated some of the stress involved in these competitive events because no one was hungry… and the Husband didn’t have to run around town looking for food while I sat at the rink freezing, listening to growling tummies.

I didn’t write down everything I ate over the weekend, but I did stay raw. I’ve questioned my sanity lately that I decided to do this raw thing for an entire year. I find myself wanting cooked food at times, but not necessarily “bad” cooked food. I no longer crave sweets, mostly I want things like plain baked potatoes and my veggie soup. The Husband has been on an Indian food kick lately, which I’ve never had, so part of me wanted to at least try it.

I’m three fourths of the way through the first 100 days. I guess I thought I might be at my goal size already, but I’m not. I’m trying to stay positive about that and know that this isn’t the reason I’m doing it. It’s difficult at times to keep the right perspective. Lord help me!

I did get behind on my daily Bible reading, so I’ll be working on catching up over the next few days.

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