In Relation to Temptation: Intro

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt compelled to write an “In Relation To” series. Today, as I finished Session 2 of Beth Moore’s Jesus the One and Only, I reflected on Christ’s 40 days of fasting and temptation. Feeling drawn to the topic of “temptation”, I thought it would be an informative challenge to delve into the topic a bit further. I don’t know exactly where the Lord will take this, but the foundational text will be Luke 4:1-13.

We’ll begin by defining temptation and let the study unfold from there… time lapse (enter real life)…

There seem to be so many distractions and interruptions just trying to write this simple introduction. I am quite “tempted” to start yelling at those who keep coming in to ask questions they likely already know the answer to (or know where to find the answer). “Where can I find a map of the United States?” Really? “What does the word ‘deity’ mean?” Um, got a dictionary? I’m sure you do, I remember buying one. I’m tempted to get really sarcastic.

The ten year old is now crying because her computer won’t let her yield the proper sized fraction in her publishing software. This is after an episode of “where’s my file?!” and “why won’t it let me type any more in that box”.

The twelve year old is rather grumpy about Algebra (yes, we’ve already started back to school) and currently hating her grammar lessons. Took her with me to the orthodontist so we could talk about negative thinking. I was tempted to tell her to just “suck it up” and “get it done”.

Then the phone rings and it is about a form I filled out incorrectly to register for our homeschool co-op. Not a big deal in the big picture, and the lady calling was quite nice, but I’m tempted to be annoyed by yet another interruption.

The fourteen year old is frustrated that her orthodontist appointment this morning didn’t come with an EOT date so she can finally be rid of those metal brackets after more than five years of seemingly endless adjustments/surgeries/procedures… etc. Who could blame her, but I’m tempted to be frustrated over how all of these appointments affect me and how I have to keep dealing with the continual let-down of it not being over already. I guess I’m tempted to be selfish too.

The sixteen year old, well, his college classes need to resume, like yesterday, because he has far too much time on his hands. I’ve sent him off to his room with a book on being an entrepreneur (he wants to start his own business). Hopefully that will keep his mind engaged for a bit. And me, well, I have a long list of things I think I should be doing right now (writing isn’t one of them), but I’m tempted to say, “NO” and do something I actually want to do for a change.

Yes, I’m tempted alright. Tempted to scream. Tempted to really blow my cool big time. Tempted to retreat to my bedroom (with those “fudgy wudgy” brownies the girls made yesterday) and lose myself in some fiction where the ending is always a happy one and the heroine never seems to deal with PMS. BEEP, BEEP! And now, the microwave that I turned on a few minutes ago (during one of the interruptions) to reheat some veggies, is demanding it be emptied RIGHT NOW. It’s really tempting to yell, “SHUT UP” at that silly machine. Or maybe I should yell at the dog standing just outside the back door whining to be let in from the gorgeous weather. Why on earth would he want to be inside on a day like today? I’m tempted to give him the “you don’t know how good you’ve got it, bud” speech I like to dish out to the sixteen year old.

Normally I don’t prepare lunch, the kids do, but I thought I’d do it to prevent one more person from descending or ascending to the main floor… for at least a few minutes anyway. I haven’t seen the Husband in a bit, he’s likely working in the blissful quiet of his office located in the far recesses of the basement. I guess I’m tempted to be jealous too.

Hmm, the dog resorted to a bark. He should know that doesn’t work unless it’s lightning or raining. I’m tempted to think he’s in league with the rest of the house to drive me crazy today. I’m tempted to feel really sorry for myself, get to sulking… but wait the sixteen year old came upstairs to ask “what’s for lunch, leftovers?” Um, yeah – I’m tempted to tell him that if he wants something else, maybe he should get a job and pay for the large amounts of food he inhales on a daily basis… but he’s not complaining, not really. He’s just asking, just interrupting… and I’m just tempted to let my sniveling little selfish being have the run of the place.

So, back to this study, it will be on the topic of temptation (of which I’m obviously well acquainted)… beyond that, I have no idea… at least not today.