Taste For Truth study begins January 12th


The Taste For Truth Support Group*  (on Facebook) will be hosting another round of Barb Raveling’s, Taste for Truth. The study will officially begin on January 12th and run for six weeks. So, if you want to go through this short little book packed with so much awesomeness, with a stellar group of gals, pop on over to the TFTSG and join us!

Participants Materials List:

* The TFT Support Group is named after Barb Raveling‘s book by the same name.
** Available only on the TFTSG.


8 thoughts on “Taste For Truth study begins January 12th

  1. I would love to join the group. I have stugled with my weight really bad for four years . I am a believer and a follower of Jesus . I would love accountability and support from other sisters in Christ .

    • Hi Michele – Follow the link to the Facebook group and click to join. Then locate the announcement on the group page and reply with a commitment to do the study 🙂 ~Jules

  2. I know this study is over as it started in. January, but I have been listening to podcasts from Taste for Truth & I came across the one with Jules Lane. Would love to chat via email or messenger. Somethings you share really resonated with where I am at. Could use some encouragement .

    • Hi Tonya – I see you joined the support group! That’s great! You most certainly can message me on FB. I don’t have it one my phone so it’s not “real time” for me… and I’m not on FB on Sundays (MST). Still, would love to hear from you. This journey is a tough one and we shouldn’t go it alone. ~ Jules

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