12 Week Challenge + TFT Study – Starting March 31, 2017!

The Taste For Truth Support Group*  (on Facebook) will be hosting another round of the 12 Week Renewing the Mind Challenge beginning March 31, 2017! This is the official start date but additional information about the challenge will be posted in the Facebook group beginning on Saturday, March 25th. We will also be going through Barb Raveling’s, Taste for Truthtogether as a group. You may join just the challenge or just the TFT study or both.

Challenge Participants Materials List (If you are just doing the TFT study you will only need the items in bold type face):

  • A Bible
  • I Deserve a Donut (book or app) by Barb Raveling
  • Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore
  • a Journal (any kind that suits your fancy)
  • loose-leaf paper or small spiral notebook
  • pens, pencils, highlighters (more on this later)
  • food boundaries (more information), if you don’t have this by the start date, don’t let that stop you from joining!
  • a scale (or access to one) if you plan to participate in the weekly weigh ins (optional)
  • access to a printer (for printing the worksheets)**
  • Study Participants or those doing both will need: Taste for Truth by Barb Raveling.

You can ride along with the 12 week challenge portion (to some extent) just by following this blog (start here), but if you want access to the PDF files once the challenge starts, you’ll need to join the TFTSG.

To add “community” and accountability to your challenge, pop on over to the TFTSG and/or comment regularly here at Brick by Brick.

* The TFT Support Group is named after Barb Raveling‘s book by the same name.
** Available only on the TFTSG.



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