Are the clouds ’round you gathered?

Many, many years ago, my mother often sang in church. Solos, trios, quartets, praise teams, choir…etc. She would rehearse at home and in the car and we often memorized the lyrics right along with her. She had a beautiful voice, and likely still does, although I haven’t heard her sing in years.

I think one of my favorite songs she performed was, Someone is Praying for You. The melody came to mind this morning as I sat, head in hands, at my desk. You see, we’ve had a rough few weeks at our house. Actually, we’re closing in on almost two months of what Lemony Snicket would call, “a series of unfortunate events“. Some small, some huge, but all bringing me to a “head in hands” moment after tucking a very ill husband back into bed.

clouds gatherWhen the clouds gather, it is often difficult to see anything besides the storm. It is also easy to feel alone in the matter, although one look at the news reminds us this world is filled with suffering and we are far from alone.

While I cannot remotely claim a full likeness to Job, he literally lost everything except his breath, I can understand why he questioned God. This morning, I felt my hope smacked back when we woke and my husband croaked, “I think I’m sick.”

Today was supposed to be the day life returned to “normal”. Or so I thought. Earlier in the week, I saw a ray of light coming and it was called, “Thursday”. The storm would pass (literally and figuratively) and our family would click back into a nice rhythm again, albeit with fewer dollars than we had two months ago (unfortunate events are pricey), but a rhythm nonetheless.

Nope. Not today.

So, what are we to do when we aren’t sure when the storm will let up? Trust God. Ultimately, He is in control.

If you’re thinking that was easy for me to type, think again.

I don’t enjoy sufferings, annoyances, and frustrations any more than the next person. I would much prefer life be one grand party, but that isn’t reality.

My choices are to become bogged down by life and let the storm overtake me; or, I can cling to God and trust Him to carry me over it, through it, or take me home.

I’m obviously I’m not going home just yet. And while He has given us some pleasant news to ease the discomfort, He hasn’t carried us “over” the unfortunate events entirely. This means He’s taking us through them and I know from experience God only does that if there is a greater purpose.

So, if the clouds ’round you are gathered, don’t lose hope (I’m speaking to myself here too). He cares.

The Lord is good,
A strength and stronghold in the day of trouble;
He knows [He recognizes, cares for, and understands fully] those who take refuge and trust in Him. ~ Nahum 1:7 (AMP)


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