should boundaries take a holiday?

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m betting most of us have numerous traditions centered around, or least accompanied by, food. I know we do.

I’ve done the extremes when it comes to Holiday eating. I’ve had years where any semblance of self-control flew out the window the moment the smell of pumpkin pie wafted in my direction. I’ve also had years where I stuck to some restrictive diet where I would stare longingly at the food before me.

In the first example, my boundaries were too loose (or, nonexistent). And in the second, they were too strict. Both scenarios have consequences. One leaves me with regrets, bloating, extra weight, and misery. The other leaves me feeling deprived and like I missed out, opening the door for “back-lash” eating.

Fortunately, I don’t have to live in the land of extremes with my boundaries. If I’ve chosen long-term boundaries, they should be able to accommodate some Holiday deliciousness without the ugly side effects of eating with wild abandon or the deprivation of “being good”.

I can also choose to alter my boundaries slightly if need be for the season. This might mean I must be willing to accept that I might not release any weight or might even gain a bit. If I’ve made the decision ahead of time, aware of potential consequences, I’ll still be in a better place than if I throw my boundaries completely out the window or try to adhere to unrealistic ones.

Barb Raveling has some great questions posted to prepare us in advance for those little whispers tempting us to give in to “Last Supper Eating”. Renewing our minds before we’re in the situation will help tremendously. Then, when the whispers come, we can confidently say, “No, I can live within my boundaries and be satisfied because…”

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” ~ Psalm 16:6




4 thoughts on “should boundaries take a holiday?

  1. How are you doing? How were the holidays? I did something for the first… i haven’t in years… I geared up for it as if it would be a special time… I’d be a “new” me 🙂 Each day is what I make it though and I knew that… sometimes I just forget it.

    • Hi girl! I’m hanging in there 🙂 We’ve had an interesting couple of months. You are right that each day has potential no matter what is going on in our lives. It’s about perspective. ((hugs)) I’m happy for the “new you” 🙂

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