sidelined runner girl


Well, I repeated Day 1 of Week 2 in our running plan and that was it. My hip, knee, and foot swelled up pretty bad. It has bothered me all week. As much as I don’t want to admit this, my body is just not ready for running.

I used to have a personal “weight limit” for running. I wouldn’t run if I was above it because I would end up with serious knee pain when I did. I’m currently above that limit; However, I am hopeful that as I continue to release weight, I will eventually reach a size more conducive to running again.

Until then, I plan to walk and do pilates. We’ve suspended our gym membership for a few months, otherwise I’d probably return to spinning as well.

So, I’m sidelined for now… but not for good.



4 thoughts on “sidelined runner girl

    • I’ve haven’t been very consistent with the pilates, but I have been getting faster with walking. I have the Winsor pilates series. My favorite one is the 20 minute total body. I need to write down the exercises again (I used to have them memorized) and then I can just do them in the evening when DH is watch tv. How are you girl?

  1. That’s great! That’s a really good idea… and great about that routine.. you can get down on the floor and get it done. No fuss. Gotta love it! Plus, DH can be your cheerleader if you need 🙂 I’m doing really good. Not exercising except some walking with Ben, which always feels good…. but running around after Ben is kind of my exercise these days. Still losing the pregnancy weight… sloooowly. But I’m losing and keeping it off.. just trying to be sensible. I’m feeling better. Thanks for asking.

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