a quick update… well, sort of quick

Our summer break has seemingly vanished. We did finish week 4 of our “battle of the spouses” challenge and I won, but then we had to put the challenge on hiatus because we simply couldn’t worry about one more thing while we remodeled the kids’ bathroom. The last thing on our minds was trying to get in steps… especially after I realized that ripping out old tile and laminate flooring didn’t earn me any steps or activity minutes according to the fitbit (grrr). Maybe if I had attached it to my gloved hand. We were so sore and so tired at the end of each day for 15 days straight.

Then my back decided to quit on me for two days. Once I was feeling better it took me three days to paint the bathroom (lots of stripes). Then the husband and I took a trip for our 20th wedding anniversary. And yesterday we started our 2015/2016 homeschool year. We’re wearing our fitbits again, but I’m not sure if we’re back in challenge mode or not lol.

I mentioned that I had the husband weigh me (I didn’t look at the number) at the start of our challenge (June 1), and the scale has gone down since then. I totally surprised myself about two weeks ago by stepping on the scale and looking at the number. I didn’t do it without first asking God if it was ok. I felt like I got the green light, and while the number was higher than I’ve seen in a while, it was lower than it was on June 1st. Plus, I was about 10 lbs lighter than my mind had me guessing I was. A really cool thing that happened was, I didn’t seem to care one bit about that number. In fact, I’m not sure I could even tell you exactly what it was unless I went and looked at the sheet I wrote it on. It has taken so long to reach the point where the scale doesn’t set off “diet mentality” and the quest for a lower number. I simply do not care. I am trusting God to take this weight off. My job is to renew my mind to the mind of Christ and wait for hunger before I eat. That’s it. I’m finally believing that the scale does not define me, God does… and He says I’m His beloved child.

You know what, I would have said I gained weight while on vacation with the husband… but I didn’t. I actually released a pound… say what? Yep. No dieting. No counting. Little to no exercise even. (we were going for relaxation) Eating what I want, when I’m hungry. There were a couple of meals where I overate, but I assessed what happened, noted how bad my stomach felt, and moved on. Yes, I am slowly releasing weight, but it’s so not about that.

I cannot take the credit for the scale moving down. No, that glory goes to God and God alone. He is changing the way I think every time I renew my mind with His truth. Thought processes that held me captive for years are crumbling. I have a joy that seems to bubble to the surface more and more. The chains are falling, and it has nothing to do with some special diet that eliminates cravings… or appetite suppressants… or running goals… or size goals. It has everything to do with God’s power, His mercy, His grace… His love.

Are you wondering about that coffee habit? Well, I think it’s now reduced by at least 90% (probably more like 95%). Food, in general, is even more neutral to me than ever. My first reaction to stress or frustration isn’t always, “let’s eat”. Now, I pray…. most of the time anyway. How is this happening? God promises change for His children when we renew our minds with His truth. So, I’m consistently wallpapering my mind with His truth. I’m trying to make it a daily practice. I take the lies captive and make them obedient to Christ. I’m not perfect, and that’s ok, God is working on me in HIS time. He is bringing about changes that I’ve longed for, but deep down thought could never be. He’s bringing about true change that I’ve tried to manufacture over the years through my own strength. He’s doing this, not because I’m perfectly faithful at waiting for zero (physical hunger) or stopping at five (satiation), but because He is faithful… Because He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask or think. He promised change if I would renew my mind, and God delivers on His promises.

If you’re thinking, “what on earth is this renewing of the mind stuff”, I’ve got a whole series on it. Check it out. God tells us to “taste and see that the Lord is good”. Give Him a chance to change you, and He most certainly will. I’m actually rather giddy about the first time someone notices I’m changing… I can’t wait to say, “God is doing a new thing!”


2 thoughts on “a quick update… well, sort of quick

    • Thanks, Kat 🙂 I’m happy the strongholds are crumbling. It’s taken some time, but I’m glad I didn’t run back to diet mentality.

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