who am I

Yesterday I listened to the most recent webinar for the Thin Within workbook. The discussion ended up being about naturally thin eaters, but the part that I grabbed on to was who we are in Christ. I know that as my mind changes and I begin to see myself through God’s eyes, I begin to behave differently. I’ve done numerous posts out here about believing what God says about us, but I truly believe this is one of those cornerstone truths, that if grasped, our lives would look significantly different.

The world is screaming, “who am I?” There is a way that seems right to man… and that journey to death is fraught with mixed messages and confusion. The search for answers from the world tosses man back and forth by this opinion or that. Until we realize God is not the author of confusion and disorder, we will continue to look for the answer to “who am I” outside of Him… and continue to “chase every breeze that blows our way“.

We don’t have to search any further than God. In the webinar, Heidi mentioned a song by Mandisa, so I thought I would share it here, but before I do, check out what she has to say about the song… enjoy.

The Truth About Me by Mandisa

We’re going to ask, “who am I”. Doesn’t it make sense to ask our Creator?



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