thin within: day twenty-eight


Today was rather an emotional day, but I lived through it.

Day Twenty-Eight

Today my oldest son’s graduating class received their diplomas. We passed another milestone without him here. I think what feels really strange about this milestone is that we won’t have another one like this again. All milestones after high school graduation vary from person to person, and so we would have no way of knowing when/if he would have gone to college, gotten married, become a father… etc.

Anyway, we decided to volunteer as ushers for our co-op’s high school graduation ceremony. We got to see the entire thing and it was so special. I love the way they celebrate each graduate. Yes, I shed some tears, but was able to keep it to a minimum to keep my make-up intact.

Today’s lesson wasn’t about graduations though, it was a continuation of yesterday’s topic. We considered what it means to “take my yoke upon you”. I took away that it means I’m not doing this alone. I’m going to be yoked to something, so the best choice is the one whose “yoke is easy” and whose “burden is light”.

Then we talked about procrastination. EEEKKKK! The author tells a story about “Cassandra” whose house is a mess and the task seems insurmountable. It was a great visual of how we can break large tasks down into smaller bits. Then we were asked to list things we put off doing. I had quite the list. I do believe I’m called to do everything I listed, but I definitely need an attitude adjustment about some of it.

Lord, Let each moment of this day be lived for You and Your glory and by Your strength only. Guide and direct my steps. Amen.

Next we moved on to making sure we schedule time to rest. I think the lack of rest is one of the reasons people procrastinate. We’re tired of “doing” (especially what we don’t like doing). So, we were asked to list things that we enjoy and try to incorporate those into our schedule.

Observation and Correction

I’ll admit, I tried to fill out the chart after the day was done. I usually try to do it after each meal. So, I’m not going to bother posting a photo of it because I can’t be entirely sure it is an accurate representation of today’s food occasions. I do know I felt rather successful after our lunch out. I was really hungry when we sat down to eat. I know when I stopped eating I was at a solid five – maybe a six, but considering how hungry I was, the six was still a success. I could have easily scarfed down way more before I realized it.

We were kind of cooped up indoors after getting home from lunch. It’s been raining and hailing here for like a week. Today was stormy again and even started snowing this evening. We all kind of lounged in front of the tv for the evening… eating. I didn’t even get out my boundary bowl.


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