thin within: day twenty-seven

thinwithinWe’re getting down to the end of this thing… well, the end of the study, not the end of the journey.

Day Twenty-Seven

Today’s lesson was about something our family has been working on for over a year now. Over a year ago, we drastically reduced the kids’ commitments, which reduced mine. Then, when I completed 1st degree black belt, I decided to take a break from TaeKwonDo.

I completely believe that people today are far too busy for their own good. Sure, there are things we must do, but we do a lot of things that aren’t necessary. I really believe our shift in priorities is the main reason I’ve been able to focus on this quest to become a naturally thin eater. I am so not there yet, but I know from past experience that I would have returned to dieting long before now.

The author gives reasons for why we become weary, and we’re asked to do an exercise where we write down our schedule for the week. Mine is looking rather busy for the upcoming week (today is Friday), but that’s because we’re finishing up our lessons (homeschool), volunteering at a high school graduation ceremony in memory of our deceased son, and we have co-op stuff to do (which also breaks for summer this week). Oh, and since next year’s curriculum arrived today, I have to write up the 15 year old’s summer school lesson plans because she wants to shoot for graduating high school a year early. Of course, I’ve written pretty much nothing on Sunday because it’s Mother’s Day* and I just never know what kind of mood I’ll be in that day.

Aside from this being a busy time of year for us just because everything seems to “wrap up” in May, we’ve tried to reduce our commitments significantly. I think my problem with growing weary is trying to do everything perfectly… in my own strength. Oh, and I seem to have no trouble making myself a mile-long to-do list… which rarely get’s finished. I’ve gotten a lot better at telling others “no”, but not so good at telling myself “no”.

Observation and Correction

This morning I took two sips of my green smoothie while standing in the kitchen and decided I just didn’t feel like eating right then. I did finish it later. Dinner was pizza while watching TV with the kids. I started out feeling pretty good this morning, but by bed, I felt kind of yucky. Tomorrow we volunteer at the graduation. Maybe I’m just feeling rather emotional about that.


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