thin within: day twenty-five

thinwithinCan you believe how close we are to the end of these thirty days? Neither can I. It’s been a very beneficial journey thus, far.

Day Twenty-Five

Today was rather simple. It was about coming up with creative solutions for eating in distracted situations. The focus was on eating with our family first and then moved to other social situations. Of course, I would have to add “TV watching” to my distracted eating… which is why I’m using the boundary bowl.

My mom told me the other day that she simply puts a fist amount of food on her plate, and when it’s gone, she stops. This is still a boundary, even if it isn’t “zero to five” specific. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve added a “boundary bowl”. Most of the time I put a fist amount or less in it, but I know I have full permission to fill it if I wish (because that’s the boundary I’ve set for now in regard to the use of the bowl).

Barb Raveling made a good point about boundaries in her book, I Deserve a Donut. She said that when choosing our boundaries, we can ask the question: “What can I live with for the rest of my life?” She goes on to say that they need to be “loose enough that you can live with them on a permanent basis but strict enough that you won’t be able to eat just for fun or for emotional reasons.” Of course, she follows this up by reiterating that this still isn’t about picking the perfect boundary, the ultimate goal is to renew your mind in Christ.

Anyway, the author gives tips for feeding your family while you honor your boundaries. My family is quite on board with what I’ve been doing and are even practicing some of the things I’m learning just by watching me do it.

I liked the exercise for coming up with the reasons for eating with your family and friends. These reasons should be our focus above seeing how much food we can mindlessly put away. I am finding that I need far less food than I thought 25 days ago.

Anyway, that’s all. You’ll notice that the chart I’m posting for today says “day 26”. I filled it in on the wrong chart  lol… see, silly mistakes. So, tomorrow’s will say “day 25”, but don’t let that throw you off. The perfectionist in me was going to white it all out and do it over, but I decided to just “let it go”.


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