thin within: starting tomorrow!

Here’s that post I promised on Saturday. It looks as though I’ll be doing this thing out here “solo”, and that’s fine. When I was stationed at Kelly AFB many moons ago, I put a sign on my door saying I would be hosting a Bible study in my room. I felt like God was calling me to do this. So every week on the day I’d picked, I would put the sign up and leave my door open. I met with God on the floor of my dorm room for weeks… alone. And then one week I got orders to join my new husband in another state. That night, I put out the sign again, but still no one came. I remember being really bummed until that last week when I realized, God just wanted my obedience… even if I was alone. We had some really great talks during those weeks of my lone Bible study. I wouldn’t trade it for a room full of people.

Anyway, I’m not going through this study entirely alone. I have God, and I am touching base with my friend on the forum who is going through the book too.

The Before You Begin Questionnaire

The thing that jumped out at me while I answered these questions was how far I’ve come just since I started my IE journey last Fall. If I had filled out this form back then, my answers would have looked very different. Still, I have room for improvement.

The Process

I like color coding things, so I’ve decided to give a color scheme to each “Part” of the book. So, Part 1 will be “Pink and Blue”. Part 2 will be “Green and Blue”. And Part 3 will be “Yellow and Blue”. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the color blue? Well, I do. I have colorful highlighters and pens ready to go. I’ll share more about my color coding later.

I plan to write the date at the top of the page for that day (and highlight it of course, lol). I don’t know why, but documenting the date kind of makes me feel like I’m “committing” to studying the devotional. Plus, when I look back on “where I’ve been”, it will be nice to have dates.

The third thing is, I plan to preview the next day’s devotional the night before. When I say “preview”, I mean I will read through it so I have an idea of what we’ll be learning. I won’t be filling in any blanks, just simply preparing to study the topic the next day. This is actually part of the “recipe for straight A’s” that we teach the kids at TaeKwonDo. When I complete my preview, I will place a checkmark in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of that day.

Other than the nightly “preview”, I will NOT be reading ahead. Now, this is going to take some serious discipline because I can burn through books like a wildfire through dry grass. It is very difficult for me to hit pause, but I’m going to do it so I can fully digest what I hope to learn… conscious eating.

Lastly, I plan to do every exercise in this book. Now, this could change if I encounter something I feel is “diet mentality” or contrary to the Bible. If it doesn’t fall into those two categories, I plan to complete it.

The Participation

If you do decide to participate, you are welcome to comment to any post. Feel free to share your thoughts on the initial questionnaire below. If you’re posting those thoughts on your blog, please link here so I can follow the ping back to you.

Alrighty, I think that’s all for now.



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