thin within: 30 days

Ok, so I’m one of those crazy workbook lovin’ gals. I just love workbooks. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s having permission to write in a book. Maybe it’s filling in the little blanks to make the thing complete. Maybe it’s because I learn best if I can read it and write it. Whatever the reason, I was totally intrigued when a friend told me about Thin Within.

I was considering writing a book about intuitive eating from a Christian perspective… and yes, I was going to do it in workbook format. Well, it seems Judy Halliday beat me to it… like years ago. In fact, I think she started Thin Within the year I was born. How humbled am I?

To make sure we are very clear… for those who maybe haven’t been to this blog in a while and are unaware of my journey toward intuitive eating… I am NOT dieting or following a diet plan. This isn’t 30 days of counting calories, measuring food, weighing food (or myself), food combining, food avoidance, food tracking…. etc. If you’re wondering about the journey I’ve been on, you can start here. If you’re caught up and understand that I don’t do “diet talk” anymore, please feel free to continue.

This book is basically a 30 day devotional that also walks you through eight “Keys to Conscious Eating”. I seriously need some work on the conscious eating front. Oh I do ok from breakfast to lunch, most days, but after lunch, all bets are off… usually. My friend told me she doesn’t agree with everything in the book (and I’m sure I won’t either), but the majority of it is spot on.

I actually started on April 8th (with day one on April 9th), so the posts will be written up to 9 days prior to the day they go live. Why? because I want a chance to “preview” the lessons… but I still want to do a “day by day” discovery of it myself (instead of reading straight through). The reason for doing a blog series on it is to keep me accountable to my commitment to complete the study and writing about what I’m learning helps me take the concepts deeper.

If you would be interested in participating with me, you will have until Friday (April 17th) to get the book, read up to Part 1 (don’t start day 1 till Friday), and answer the “Before you Begin” questionnaire. Yes, technically I’ll be slightly “ahead”, but my participation in comments and such will be real time. If you want to play along, please let me know (comment). I figure we can discuss in the comments of my daily posts AND/OR you can post as often as you like on your own blog and link back to my post for that day (so we stay connected through ping backs and such). It’s just 30 days people. I’ve done some seriously restrictive things for a lot longer than 30 days before. Heck, I dieted off and on for 28 years. 30 days is a blip in time.

I am still not stepping on the scale, but I will measure some of my progress by my clothing. I am asking that if you do choose to step on the scale please do NOT post your actual weight in my comments. I’ll might delete it if you do. If you wish to indicate pounds “released” in your posts, I’m fine with that, but let’s please don’t give scale numbers. It can be triggering and hindering to some. Plus, I don’t advocate the scale as an accurate measure of progress anyway. The next post in the series will be Thursday, April 16th, followed by the “day one” post on Friday, April 17th… we’ll go in succession from there (day two, day three…etc).

Why are we starting on a Friday and 17 days into the month? Because the rebel in me refuses to adhere to my old mindset of “I’ll start over” on Monday… or the first of the month… or the start of the next quarter… ha ha 🙂

If you want to announce it on your blog, go right ahead. The more the merrier.


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