the diet rebel

I have noticed a very peculiar reaction that comes forth at times. I call it my diet rebel. This thing will come out whenever I sense the threat of dieting. Sometimes it’s diet talk that triggers it. Sometimes it’s just me trying to process what I actually want to eat. If I somehow perceive that I might be falling for diet mentality, I react.

This reaction might mean eating something I don’t really want simply to prove that I’m not on a diet. Obviously, this is not a terrific reason to eat because it’s not hunger directed, it’s rebellion directed.

For instance, one day recently I was in the judge’s lounge of a speech tournament. There were finger foods set out… veggies… fruit… and little mini chocolate muffin things. Well, I wasn’t interested in the chocolate muffin things until a man standing there commented that he was looking for some calories. He said more than once that he didn’t want the veggies, he wanted “calories”. I looked at my plate and realized that I only had veggies and fruit. Suddenly I thought, “am I trying to diet?” To this thought, my diet rebel decided I needed to “prove” I wasn’t dieting so I got a chocolate muffin thing and some crackers for good measure.

This isn’t happening nearly as much as it was, but when it does, I am surprised by it. I do think that eventually my body will believe me when I tell it I’m not going to starve it, but for now, I guess the diet rebel hangs around just in case.


6 thoughts on “the diet rebel

  1. I’m glad your rebel stops in a more sensible place. You are working through this and I’m so proud of you.
    I went through a phase where I was… well, I don’t know what to call it.. anti-diet for sure. I was tired of the pressure and I was failing anyway.. so I was “rebelling”. I didn’t weigh or journal or talk about wanting to lose weight. I went from feeling like I needed to lose weight.. to feeling just as frustrated on the other end. I admire your balance and staying in tune with yourself. I never meant to swing the other way… why is it easier to hang out at extremes? Or is it? So many hang out there.
    Since Jan, I’ve lost weight… but I think it’s for several reasons. None of which have anything to do with dieting or anti-dieting. Perhaps I’m somewhere in the middle. Perhaps I’m ready.
    I know you mention not wanting to be near diet talk, I don’t blame you. I totally get it. Why the topic still fascinates me so… I’ll never know.

    • Hey girl, congrats on the weight loss without dieting. I think we (as a society) are addicted to diet talk. I think we get excited by it and we crave that excitement. Diets promise so many of the things that we want… unfortunately, they don’t deliver on those promises. The diet industry has a pretty good marketing scheme too. It’s one of those products that blames the consumer when the product fails. So, we walk about believing our bodies are the problem, when the reality is that diets work against the body to achieve results. For me, I know why it fascinated me for so long. I wanted what they claimed to offer. After 28 years of chasing the elusive goal through dieting, I refuse to be taken in by it again.

  2. You are definitely making the right decision… I haven’t looked in quite some time, but I’m guessing whatever plan is out there… is nothing new. And the people that are losing weight and getting healthier… are simply moving more, eating less junk, and changing their habits. 🙂 Yet a lot of people make a lot of money decorating that.

    • I’m not keeping track of the latest “thing” either. I’m not interested in losing weight anymore because it gives the impression that I will again “find it” as I’ve always done when I’ve “lost weight” in the past. I want my body to release weight naturally, and it can do that with or without exercise. Yes, habits need to change, but that battle is won by reprogramming the mind from the mind of a dieter, to the mind of a natural intuitive eater (one who listens to her body’s cues and not outside rules). You’re right though, the diet industry makes a lot of money at something proven to fail.

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