got a new thermometer

Yes, time change wrecked my temps, but my 15 year old thermometer started flaking a couple of days ago too. I was already frustrated by how low the temps have been since the time shift (really really dislike time change), but then they started to become really erratic… and one morning when it said my temp was 95.3, I was like, “Um, I don’t think so.” I haven’t had a temp that low in a while now. I tried to take it again and the thermometer said, “ERR”. Nice. We had recently changed the battery too. The husband, awakened by my, “Are you kidding me,” remark about the device, said, “isn’t that thing like 20 years old or something?” Not quite, but I figured it was time for a change. I really don’t want to “chart” for another month only to end up with a bunch of useless numbers.

Now, the thermometer I want… provided it actually does what they claim… is the Kindara Wink. This would be right up my alley. I like almost everything about it. Of course, it’s got a pretty hefty price tag for a thermometer. You can pre-order one, but since the Husband and I are managing our finances much more closely these days, it’s not in the budget right now.

So, I ordered an $8 replacement from Amazon. It doesn’t have a backlight, which will thrill the Husband (not)… he was hoping to eliminate the need for glaring lamplight in the wee hours. Of course, the one I have (which is backlit) never really lit properly so I could read it anyway. It was supposed to have a memory too… but, um, it hasn’t remembered anything for a while. I’m hopeful that the new device will suffice (ha, I’m a poet), at least until the Wink makes its debut.

The most frustrating part is that since time change I haven’t been able to tell (via the numbers) if my current dose of desiccated thyroid is helping or not. Since I have a new cycle about to begin, I’ll start it with the new thermometer.


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