time change wrecked my temps

I am not a fan of “time change”. I think it is a silly ritual that we need to abandon. If you have a petition to this effect, I would probably sign it. I am sure some people still believe there is some reason for time change, but I’m ready to let it go by the wayside and let’s just live our lives without this annoying hiccup in time. There are states (and whole countries) that have abandoned it. How about the rest of us get on board already?

Ok, so this wasn’t supposed to turn into a rant about “time change” (which I loathe), but I have discovered one more reason it should “be gone”. What’s the reason? It tanked my temps. Yep, that’s right my morning temps are well below where they should be at this point in the cycle. It appeared that progress was happening… I was all encouraged by the numbers going up… and then wham! Let’s change our clocks by an hour and totally mess up my chart. No, I’m not PMSing… yet. The last three mornings I have been trying to figure out what caused the shift and then it hit me… “time change”. My body clock still thinks it’s 5 AM and that I should be snoozing away for another hour. Then it is rudely awakened before it’s ready and a thermometer is administered. Now I’m curious. How many mornings will it take before my body clock adjusts?

If time change is “harmless”, then why is it affecting my metabolic rate? Did you know that studies show an increase in heart attacks and road accidents in the days following the time shift in the Spring? Of course, some people, like Dairy Farmers, prefer time change. Should we all change our clocks because Dairy Farmers need to adjust their schedule twice a year to keep the cows happy? I don’t think so. I don’t even buy the “energy conservation” angle anymore. With people surfing the net (or watching TV) around the clock, I’m not sure it really cuts down on the usage all that much to shift time. And shops don’t go, “Oh, it’s getting dark, we better close so we can save energy.” And what about that? I’m sitting in my office with the light on and my computer running… how am I saving electricity simply because the sun is up while I’m doing it?

They say that Daylight Savings Time influences people to spend more time outdoors. Um, so we need the government to make us change our clocks so we’ll go outside? Seriously? They say people will drive their cars less after dark. Personally, I think people pay more attention to the clock than they do the sun these days. Just my opinion.

If we want “more daylight hours” while most people are awake, then why not just keep it on Daylight Savings Time year round? This person seems to think there is a benefit to that? It really surprises me that he/she calls those morning light hours “wasted”. Some of us do use them, ya know? I prefer to run in the morning, so I guess it’s better for me to run in the dark so some people can have sunshine till 9pm? Or maybe it’s better for school children to stand in the dark waiting for their bus? But hey, they have the option to play outside till 9pm, right? Or maybe the real reason we can’t have Standard Time (or DST) year-round is that it still messes with those Dairy cows? Hmm, I’m thinking children’s safety and women’s metabolic rates ought to be more important than a bunch of cows, but what do I know?

Still, let’s just leave it alone already. I really don’t care which one we go with. Pick one and stick with it. My temp chart will thank you. If things stay as they are, when we go back to Standard Time, I’ll just get up at my body clock time (an hour earlier on the mechanical clock). Gasp… an American taking responsibility for her wellbeing and not relying on the government to tell her what time to get up (tongue in cheek). Ok, so maybe this was supposed to be a rant over time change. I’ll let you know how many days it takes for my body clock to readjust.


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