SSMT: Verse #3

Can you believe it is already February? No, neither can I. Beth’s blog post this morning was encouraging on many fronts. Please pop on over there and read it. I think my favorite part was:

This I promise you: God’s objective for you and me in 2015 is not for us to memorize 24 verses. It’s for us to draw nearer and nearer to Him, love Him more, know Him more, trust Him more, and believe Him more. To let His Word go down deep where He wants it. To invite it fervently and proactively to abide in us and bring vivacious life to us. To meditate on His words and to prize them more than our daily bread. Job said it this way: “I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my portion of food.” (Job 23:12b) That’s what these 24 verses are about.

It’s no secret the journey I’m currently on. Oh to treasure God’s Words more than my portion of food! Food is moving more and more into the background of my mind. And yes, I would definitely say that I treasure God’s Word more than food, but I fear that my actions would tell a different story. While, Job 23:12b won’t be on my memory list this time, it might show up as one of the 24.

I’ve already posted my verse on the LPM blog (#406), so now I’m adding it here.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:” ~ Psalm 103:2 (KJV)

I hope you have a marvelous Super Bowl Sunday… and an even better February.


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