Ugh, cake

I might be sick of cake… I said, “might”. Just when I think I’m over my cake obsession, I want more cake. I wonder if I filled my kitchen with cake, maybe then I would be sick of the sight of it. I’m sitting here staring at the plate, that just a bit ago, held a slice of chocolate cake. All that’s left are the chocolate frosted skid-marks.

Am I hungry? No. Yet, I keep thinking about going into the kitchen for another slice of cake. I think I’m struggling with what Josie Spinardi calls, “eating cause I ate”… or it could be emotional eating… or procrastination eating… or “oh my gosh I’m going to turn 40 in a few weeks” eating. What’s worse than “turning 40 eating” is “I’m turning 40 but I feel like I’m 80 eating”.

I mentioned that I’ve got hormone palooza happening here, so it’s entirely probable that I have “hormonal eating” going on. I’ve upped some of my vitamins, with more supplements ordered. I should start thyroid treatment next week. While at the moment I’m not asleep, drooling on the sofa cushion (or crying because I want to be asleep), I still feel quite fatigued most of the time. Healing the adrenals means no strenuous activity… which means no marathon this year. I had all these plans to train for another marathon, but I can’t do more than take a stroll.

On the upside, I have had three days of stable temps so far. This means my adrenals are responding to the rest and vitamins. My weight is responding by increasing, but I’m trusting the process. The temps are still entirely too low (like way low). I hope that treating my thyroid will help to raise them. As I change my treatment, I plan to track my temps (and symptoms) to see how my body responds. It’s tedious, but I really, really want to feel better.

Hmm, I think typing up this post proved to be just the distraction I needed to get me to stop obsessing about cake…

…mmmm, cake. Ooops. Ha Ha.


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