SSMT: Verse #2

Ok, so my first verse was super short, but my attention span has been pretty much the same… short. I would make it through the first half of the verse and then totally blank on the last half. “Come on brain, let’s get it together now.”

Well, a lot has happened since that last verse was penned into my awesome SSMT spiral (did I mention I love my spiral?). We took the family to Walt Disney World. I dreamed of taking my spiral into Magic Kingdom with me so I could have its picture taken with Mickey. Who knows why I thought that would be so cool, but I did. Maybe a shout out to all my Siestas that I’m thinking about them even on vacation. Then I realized I didn’t have a pocket large enough to hold it (got the big one) while I rode Space Mountain. The last thing I needed was to lose my awesome spiral to the inky depths of that dark coaster ride. Besides, I could practice the verse in my head right?

“So teach us to number our days…” Oh snap, what’s the last half again?? Right, “that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” I find it quite curious that I don’t have issue remembering to “number my days” as much as I do applying my “heart unto wisdom”. I’ll keep working on it… the memorization and the application.

Today we get to add our mid-month verse to the mix. I’ve tried to “be open” to the right verse. I hoped God would just smack me over the head with one. There were several that I liked, but none of them seemed right. Yesterday I reached a point where I actually flipped through my Bible to see what would jump out at me. There it was, Psalm 103. There are 22 verses in this chapter, and since I have 23 remaining verse slots to fill, this actually works quite well. I figure this Psalm of praise is a fantastic way to apply my heart unto wisdom. What could possibly be more wise than to praise the “Ancient of Days”?

So, for verse #2 I will recite Psalm 103:1. It’s super short, and actually the words of a praise song. This will give me a great excuse to sing in the shower.

Bless the LORD, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name. ~ Psalm 103: 1 (KJV)


I posted my verse this morning while waiting for my hot rollers to cool. You can check my Twitter feed for the glamour shot. I was comment #418… with no errors this time around (yeah, I’m doin’ a little dance). Want to join the Siestas? Jump right in!


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