Disney on a diet… NOT!

I cannot even tell you how long I’ve wanted to take my kids to Disney World. Well, on Christmas morning we surprised them with news of this long awaited trip. They were floored. They truly thought we would never go… I mean, Disney ain’t cheap.  Anyway, we worked it out so we could do a Disney vacation, and it was so worth the wait!

One of the things we were interested in was trying different restaurants in the parks. I did all kinds of research on where were the best places to eat as a vegan. They do have a lot of options. The cast members were very accommodating too. Well, I started this whole “no more diets” thing after I’d done the initial research and booking of dinner reservations. We were going to make the kids stick to only vegan fare (as well as ourselves), but we decided that was the very “legalistic stuff” we kept saying we wouldn’t do in regard to our choice to avoid consuming animals. So, we told the kids they could choose whatever they wanted. We were on vacation. We ate what sounded good. Most of the time that was without meat, dairy, or butter… but sometimes… mmmmm, the “grey stuff” is delicious (got to have lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant one day).

I could not believe the portion sizes at these places. HUGE. I think everyone ended up leaving food on their plate at least once. As the trip progressed, it became easier and easier not to “clean my plate”. Leaving food behind isn’t something I normally do, but I think learning how to is essential in the intuitive eating process.

Going on vacation… without a diet… without guilt over being off the diet… it’s something I never thought I would experience. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been on vacation and was either resentfully restricting or out of control bingeing. This was simply… hungry… eat… reservation time… eat… ooo, those Olaf cake pops at Goofy’s Candy Store look tasty… eat… hot cocoa sounds good after sitting by the pool in the cold… drink. No guilt. No diet. Just enjoying the vacation and everything that came with it.

I definitely don’t miss vacation dieting (or binging). Oh, and a darling little girl visiting Hollywood Studios sang “Let it go” in the streets. So, precious, and a timely reminder that life is too short not to have cake on vacation.


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