SSMT: Verse 1

Yesterday I talked about how much I wanted to be a Siesta and the craziness surrounding the registration process… of course, most of the crazy was from my overreaction to ridiculously small frustrations. Anyway, I ended up being commenter #14,671 out of 15,997… and counting.

Then I set about to making my spiral. I chose a 4×6 size* since I have no idea what size the verses I’ll memorize will end up being. Plus, sometimes I like to doodle. I followed the suggestions, and within minutes I had my book ready to add the first verse! Exciting, right?

Verse 1:

Psalm 90:12 KJV – “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

I chose this verse because I want to be reminded to use each day to the fullest. Some days that may mean just resting in the Lord. Some days that may mean being ultra-productive. But, every day it means seeking and doing God’s will for the day… which is wise.

*Special thanks to the Husband for running to the office supply store for me while he was out yesterday. I wanted to add photos to this post, but the photo editing abilities aren’t working on my laptop right now. You’d have to turn your head sideways to see one of them. You can find them on my Twitter feed though.


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