ditch the scale

Actually, the title could be the entire blog post:


Do it. Right now. Stop weighing yourself. Has weighing yourself ever brought you long term satisfaction? NO. What do you hope to accomplish when you step on the scale? What do you really learn when you see that number? Is it uplifting? Does it make you feel good about yourself every time? Does it add quality to your life? Does it increase your libido? Does is add years to your time on earth? Does it help others? Does it benefit society? Does it enhance your worship of God? Does it make a difference in the world? Does it feed the starving? Does it clothe the homeless? Does it add to your financial security? Does is make your children smile? Does it create fond memories? Does it love you? Do you love it?

So much time spent measuring ourselves on the scale. So much wasted time. Let’s start living beyond the scale…. you know… life, that place where the really important stuff happens.


7 thoughts on “ditch the scale

    • I’ll check out Roni’s post. I know. It’s a process. I used to see it as a tool and then I started asking myself if that was really true. Is it a tool that helps me accomplish something or gives me information that will benefit me in some way? Not really.

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