keep it simple, sweetie

Yes, there is one sure fire way to KISS dieting good-bye. How? Well, just Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Let’s break it down.

We must keep in mind that diets don’t work. Don’t let the lure of a new program, a friend’s weight loss, guilt, or an infomercial entice you right back into the “diet monster’s” trap. You know he’s lurking, so keep your mind clear of that garbage.

It doesn’t matter what you weigh or what you eat, so “It” doesn’t have to a formal plan of action. “It” is what you’ve been missing… “It” is life! So, go live it!

The more complicated you make eating, the quicker you’ll find yourself back on the diet rollercoaster. Simple is best. Eat when you want, Eat what you want, Stop when you’ve had enough…. see, simple.

This one is about being kind to yourself. Your “self-talk” should be sweet and caring. You wouldn’t dare call another person dealing with these issues “stupid” or “fat” or “moron” or “loser” or “ugly”… see, we could do this all day. No, you would encourage, comfort, and support that person through the journey. You would tell them that you love and accept them no matter what size they are. Extend that kindness to yourself… you’ll thank you for it.

Say, “Bye, bye diet mentality!”


2 thoughts on “keep it simple, sweetie

  1. This is good! And true…. but how do you decide what to eat?

    I’m probably the only one:), but I loved eating the hospital food when I delievered Ben. I loved that a tray came.. there was a blanced meal… plenty to eat, but portioned out. At home.. at work.. I run out of ideas… end up cooking the same things.. usually 2 or 3 items a meal.. sometimes only 1. Makes it hard to watch the amount I eat. I feel like I need some plan or routine.. not a diet diet.. but something.

    • Well, I eat what I want. I think, “Ok, I’m hungry, what sounds good.” I am told that eventually my body will desire healthier options, but right now, this phase is about listening to and trusting my body. Some less than nutritious foods have already lost their appeal… and I did actually choose to have some salad at our Black Belt dinner the other night. That’s the first time I’ve chosen to eat salad since I started this.
      We feel like we need a “plan” or “routine” because we’ve never trusted our body to tell us what it needs. We’ve bought into the lie that we can’t be trusted and that we need to follow what some expert/guru says about food. I think this is a bit of a slap in the face to God… why? Because He created our bodies. Let’s just listen to them. Last night I ate onion rings for dinner dipped in a raspberry sauce. Yes, that sounds weird, but it’s what I wanted. Today, I have absolutely no desire for onion rings. The other day I willingly picked up a banana for a snack instead of chips or candy. Why? because I was listening to my body and a banana sounded good. I think this will happen more and more if I just stay out of my own way.
      Trust me, I know it’s freaky to just let go of the idea of having a plan or routine. Unless you have a medical reason for one, it’s really just “diet mentality” in disguise… at least it is for me. I can be a really “good” plan follower 😉

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