Good heavens, can internet surfing take you where you don’t need to go, or what?! It seems, with social media and the world wide web, anyone can become an “expert” these days. Professionals (doctors, lawyers…etc) are trying to present themselves as “hip and relatable” talk-show type personalities, whereas the average “Joe” is trying to come across as legit in the medical world.

One person says something is true, and another says it’s not. The other day, while reading¬†some posts and such, I was suddenly overwhelmed by anxiety, thinking, “I have no idea what to believe.” Is it any wonder our society is confused? There is no absolute truth, only “information” in this Info-Nation. We’re on information overload… and a lot of it is probably bogus.

This is one of the reasons I want off the “diet-go-round”. Who do you believe? Who can you trust? There’s a conspiracy theory about everything these days, and Lord knows, if you can get it into print, someone will believe it. I’m sick of falling for the “too good to be true” lines about health and fitness… only to find myself crying in my celery sticks because I’m still not rail thin and 20 years younger. Obviously, there’s more to it than weight and lost youth for me, but you get the idea.

I’m going to try my best to live in the “here and now” and stop waiting for some future date when I’ll see an ideal number on the scale (or on the tag of my jeans). What a waste of time and energy it is.


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