the monkey chased the weasel

It’s been a bit since my last post. Life has been full and busy. In the midst of this I became desperate for another diet solution. Yes, this monkey chased that silly old weasel again. I stepped on the scale and then as a knee jerk reaction, went on another diet. That seemed to be working ok, until I woke up and remembered that “diets don’t work”. I was actually on a forum asking about changing habits when a woman recommended a book about “Intuitive Eating”. Once again, “no more dieting” was thrust into the forefront of my mind.

I wonder if I should post a sign that I read every day. It would say, “Don’t fall for it! Diets don’t work!” I want to eat mindfully and intuitively. In order to do that, I really must let go of chasing a number on the scale. I’ve been off the scale for about three weeks now. I’m fighting a bit of panic at just saying, “to heck with it all”. I’ve eaten for all the wrong reasons many times these past weeks, but I have learned even more about why I do what I do in regard to food. I’m figuring out the triggers to the vicious starve/binge cycle, but more importantly, I’m learning how to deal with them.

Diet talk is alluring. It’s everywhere. It even has clever disguises. I’m recommitting to this journey toward a healthy relationship with food… without dieting. Each time I recommit to this process, I feel I learn even more. Gradually, my belief systems are changing – and the time between lapses gets shorter. It is work though. It is a concentrated effort.

Hopefully, I won’t be chasing that weasel again.


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