“Eat to Live” – Week 4

Eat to Live is a book by Dr. Fuhrman. I decided to follow his “nutritarian” guidelines for six weeks.


The fourth week was somewhat better. I felt like my energy level increased midway through. I still haven’t reached the marathon training level I was at, but I hope it continues to improve. It is frustrating to feel nauseous during a three mile run. I’m faster though. The first three days felt lousy due to a kidney stone (and bad PMS). I haven’t dealt with a kidney stone since eliminating animal products over two years ago. It was small, but I don’t want another one.

Cravings are basically gone. Any food seems to satisfy when I’m hungry… yes, even vegetables. I had a bit of rice earlier in the week (with black beans, tomatoes, and onion), and again last night, but the rest of the time I stuck to vegetables, fruit, legumes, and nuts. I bought sweet souppotatoes, but I forgot about them. Pomegranate is my favorite fruit, but it takes so long to get the arils out, that I ration them. I’ve eaten more oranges the past couple of weeks, especially after working out. Fruit sorbet is my favorite “dessert” still. Of course, I’m having that big green smoothie every morning, and those huge veggie salads 1-2 times a day as well. I loaded my big batch of soup with mushrooms and legumes, as well as colorful veggies (red onions, red/yellow/orange bell pepper, carrots, celery, zucchini…etc). I made it chunkier than in weeks past. It’s just so convenient to have a big vat of soup sitting in the fridge.

Since it’s not really conducive for me to go out to eat right now… and I’m not having the processed items I loved from the grocery store, I think we are saving money (cha-ching). I haven’t done the official numbers, but it’s been weeks since I’ve said, “Oh, I’m not in the mood for that, let’s get such and such”. This means we’re eating the healthful menu I plan for, and saving money – I’d call thatdouble prizes“.

bikergirlMy intentional movement looked like this:

Day 25: 2 miles on indoor track + 12 min stationary bike + TKD class + 1 hr teaching figure skating
Day 26: 45 min on stationary bike + teaching TKD class
Day 27: pushups, jump rope, planks, situps – circuit style @ home, with a little dancing with the 9 year old thrown in.
Day 28: 3 miles on indoor track + 15 min stationary bike + TKD class

I released a total of 2.6 pounds despite “cycle stuff” (thank you, Lord!), with the break down, by day, looking like this:

Day 22: didn’t weigh
Day 23: -0.4
Day 24: didn’t weigh
Day 25: didn’t weigh
Day 26: -1.2
Day 27: didn’t weigh
Day 28: -1

Our schedule seems to pick up a little more each week. I’m hopeful that once we get into full swing, I’ll have the energy to keep up.


For the first four weeks of the challenge, I’ve released 14.8 pounds and 9.2 inches (7 parts measured).

Onward to week 5!


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