“Eat to Live” – Day 1

Oh Lord, have mercy. It is just past six in the morning and I’m already feeling horrible. “No coffee” may just be the death of me today. And, for the record, I’ve been drinking primarily decaff. That should tell you how sensitive I am to caffeine. I’ve got a headache and I feel nauseous. I’m also experiencing what Dr. Fuhrman calls “toxic hunger” (what most Americans call blood sugar crashes or cravings or hunger in general). I can tell that today is going to be one filled with withdrawals. I’m just hopeful that this phase passes quickly since my diet hasn’t been as toxic as the standard American diet (SAD) for years now.

I’ve been awake since 4:52. I’ve spent some time in prayer and scripture with the discomfort growing by the minute. Oh Lord, help me not to be too terribly grumpy today. I’m going to require some supernatural intervention there for sure. I wonder if I could just sleep through the first day? Three of the kids are sick or recovering from being sick, so we’re laying low anyway. I would probably have to take something to knock me out, and I’m not going to do that.

I am regretting not getting my food for today ready in advance. The thought of even going downstairs to fix a whole-food, plant-based smoothie makes me groan. I did note my starting weight and measurements for this challenge. If you aren’t sure what challenge I’m talking about – check out this post… because my brain is simply too foggy to type it out again.

Hope you have a Happy Friday… I’m going back to bed until the kids wake up…


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