addiction: the co$t

Today, I’m talking about the cost associated with being addicted to certain foods. To be honest, I’ve never looked at it the way Emily Boller over at Disease Proof does in her post, Exposing the High Cost of Food Addiction. Oh sure, I’ve thought about all the money spent on doctors and medications and procedures, but Emily goes no further than her own grocery cart to discover the savings generated by breaking the pattern of addiction in her life. She discusses how much it costs to support an overweight body addicted to food, it really is fascinating.

hello-my-name-isIt took me years to understand that I had an addiction to many of the foods I ate. Sure, it was mostly chemical, but it was backed by information I got from others telling me that “it’s ok to have everything in moderation.” I wonder how well that slogan would go over at Alcoholics Anonymous or Drug Rehab. No, food addiction is socially acceptable and affects a majority of the American population on some level. Americans spend ridiculous sums of money on junk food every year. If you aren’t convinced that we have a substance abuse problem, check out the infographic at this location. This mass addiction is costing us so much. I wonder when we, as individuals, will make the personal decision to stop “shooting” up. Don’t we look at the alcoholics and drug addicts and wonder why on earth they sacrifice so much for their “fix”? Aren’t we doing the same?

The first step is admitting there is a problem. I know that I am easily ensnared by coffee. Even decaf will grab on and take a few days to break free. If it’s full-caf, I could be in pain for a week. I’ve gotten off of coffee a number of times, and at $4 a pop at my local coffee shop, that drink costs me more than head and tummy aches. So, if my health doesn’t convince me that I must change my ways, maybe my pocketbook will. Check out Emily’s post and then consider what is costing you. Is it worth it?


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