hungry runner girl

PeakatTheAcademySo, I’m still running… and running. We’re down to the homestretch of this marathon training plan (Hansons), and I’ve gone through a myriad of emotions. There was a moment a few weeks ago where I actually googled “I hate marathon training” to see if there were any others out there who shared my misery. I came upon a post that was actually titled “I hate marathon training”. I probably would have laughed all the way through it, but at the time all I could do was nod in agreement with a “preach it, sister” thrown in. I thought about pecking out a blog post under a similar title, but too cold and tired to think, opted for a nap instead.

I’ve graduated past the place of hating the training. I’m sure that has to do with the leg injury healing (finally). I didn’t realize how awful I felt during my runs until it went away. Now I’m dealing with traumatized toes and constant hunger. The balance between under-eating and overeating seems elusive. I have learned that eating a late dinner does not make for a pleasant early morning run (ugh).

We’ve got our final 16 mile training run coming up this weekend. Although we’re nearing the end, I can’t seem to reach that point of excitement at the prospect. I suspect the reason for this is the looming 26.2 mile finish line I must cross first. When the husband says something like, “We only have 4 more SOS workouts till the marathon,” it seriously stresses out this hungry runner girl.



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