wannabe runner girl

Since my injury on Sunday, I’ve struggled to keep my spirits up about all of this. On Monday I skipped TKD but skated for an extra hour hoping that I could work my legs without the impact of running. It was painful. Still, I thought I would be running on Tuesday… nope. I spent most of that day with my leg propped up being iced or heated, while alternating stretching and strengthening exercises throughout the day. I watched a lot of TV in the hopes of “escaping” my depressing thoughts. Using the foam roller on my leg brought tears to my eyes. I do understand why my husband finds this so funny. I too laugh when he screams while using it. There’s just something about seeing a grown adult willingly inflict pain on himself while involuntarily screeching.

Wednesday was more of the same… ice, heat, stretching, resistance, pilates, foam roller… but much less TV. That morning I received notification of Beth Moore’s latest blog post and it was exactly what I needed. She asked the question “What’s undone?” I could have listed a dozen things, but I wrote down six. I’m behind on my Bible reading schedule and the Daniel study I should have finished by now. So, I got to work reading and studying while I did all that sitting. I wonder if the Lord allowed my training to come “undone” for a few days to show me that I’d allowed it to overtake higher priorities. Probably.

So, this morning, the leg still hasn’t fully recovered… and now I’ve got an infection in my eye (also related to that Sunday 10 mile run), but I got up and spent time in God’s Word before other stuff. Despite not feeling well, the Husband urged me to at least try the spin bike today for some cardio (in addition to the strength and stretch stuff). This wasn’t in a class setting (which I like), it was a bike by a big window. Staring at the same thing for 45 minutes was rough, so I tried to focus on the music pumping through my headphones.

My leg seemed to tolerate the bike without much discomfort. Hopefully I won’t be a wannabe runner girl for much longer.


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