injured runner girl

Could you hear my screams of frustration yesterday? After my first 10 miler of this training plan, I couldn’t put weight on my right leg without significant pain… not soreness, PAIN. I’m still trying to figure out the issue. My leg began to hurt a few days ago, so I changed out my shoes hoping to avoid injury due to wearing worn out shoes (been there too many times). Saturday went well so I figured the change of shoes was the answer. Sunday was a whole different ballgame though. I spent the rest of the day after the run icing and resting my leg in hopes of making it out for my run this morning. Unfortunately, my early morning hobble to the bathroom proved too painful for a six mile run.

I sulked… pouted… threw a mini fit on the bathroom floor… and finally prayed. Someday I’d really like to think about putting prayer before (or in lieu of) my pitiful bratty behavior.

The Husband put on his running shoes as I hobbled down the stairs. One of the kids asked if I was running too… frown…. “not today”. I continued to the weight bench in the basement where I began work with some lower body strengthening (mainly leg lifts & calf raises). Next, I did pilates. It does feel a bit better after the strength workout, but still too painful for impact. I pulled out my Hanson’s Marathon Method book and read up on their suggestions for altering the plan due to injury. If I still can’t do impact tomorrow, I’ll probably hit the stationary bike at the gym, or maybe “run” in the pool.

As of now, I’m injured and praying that it’s short lived.


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