365 Raw: Days 124-140 with “Life”

A few days before my last 365 Raw post, I sustained another head injury. At first, I thought it just a bump, but I’m convinced it was another mild concussion. It disrupted everything (still not feeling 100%), and I find my short-term memory has taken a bit of a hit. It took a really long time for me to feel “normal” after the last concussion, so you can imagine my frustration over going through this again (albeit, milder). The morning of the accident, I had even prayed for God to protect me that day. I had an overwhelming sense that I was under attack (physical and spiritual). When I crawled into bed (mid-day) after getting home, I was prompted to look at my prayer journal entry from that morning. Sure enough, there it was, my petition for protection. With my head pounding, eyes screaming for total darkness, and nausea waving through my stomach, I tearfully asked God why He hadn’t protected me. To which He spoke to my spirit that it was intended to be worse. Think on the magnitude of such a revelation. You can imagine that I immediately became uncharacteristically silent. I had to accept that I am not in control, God is.

I truly believe the enemy has been “out to get me” since I was a small child. For years I harbored anger toward God, believing that He hadn’t protected me during my most vulnerable times. But, you know what, I was wrong. Satan’s intentions were for harm, but God kept it contained to what His plan could use in my life. Satan has wanted to “take me out” from the beginning, and yet I’m still on this planet for some purpose… God’s purpose. I may not know that purpose this side of heaven, but for now, it’s enough to know that despite the enemy’s attacks, Christ came that I may have life to the fullest. Praise God that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life! Even when this life seems paved with trials, attacks, and heartache, God has a plan for my future that is filled with hope. I will continue to call upon the Lord… until He calls me home.

Yes, this journey goes far beyond food. My life is transforming…


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