Jeans: Part 2

Jeans0502013Back in February, I told you that I was hoping to be able to wear some of my smaller jeans soon. Well, I’ve been able to wear them for a few weeks now, so, I pulled out another pair I haven’t worn in a while.

I bought this pair at the same time as the other one (same brand) and they are technically the same size… but not the same fit. The ones I can wear now have a bit more room in the backside and the waist is slightly higher. The roomier ones were my comfortable jeans when I hit goal with WW back in 2010. I didn’t wear the smaller ones very often because they were tighter, but I could wear them. I tried that pair on today and I can get them all the way up (I have hips so this is a big deal), I just can’t button them yet (close though).

After these, I have my really expensive pair, which I haven’t even looked at… and my smaller slacks, shorts…etc. I’m just thankful I can still wear my most of my workout clothes!

I haven’t thought about stepping on the scale (until just now), but why should I when I’m shrinking back into clothes of the past?

There are days when I grow impatient with the process. I would love to drop sizes much more quickly. However, I have never felt this good while shrinking. I think I’ll just stick with this journey and see where it takes me. The Lord is teaching me so much, the most important is to rely on Him for the results.


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