Join the Journey: May’s Path

Can you believe we are already staring at May? I am amazed by the speed at which this year seems intent to fly by. The next 31 days will bring us one step closer to overall health… if we yield to the process that is.

If you are just joining us, I am going to recommend that you start from today and move forward with us. The only exception being those who wish to do the 12-Step Journey. If you’re just joining us and want to do that version, please begin with January’s Path… of course, you’ll be doing it during the month of May instead. There is a purpose to the order and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the benefits. So, after you read the mission, come back here.


Those taking on the “12-Step Journey”, today is the day you find out what I’m going to ask you to add for May. Originally, I thought May was supposed to be about something else, however, I feel God telling me to change the focus. So, our theme for the month will be: “Confession”. This next step is to clear out the spiritual cobwebs. Now that we’re spending time with God, hydrating, moving more, and eating greens, we are going to dedicate this month to releasing the sins which so easily entangle us.

The Mission: Confess to the Lord, and others if need be

This month’s step may be a bit time consuming the first few times you add it in, especially if it’s been a while. If you’ve been walking with the Lord (praying & reading His Word), it is very likely that He’s already begun to prompt you in this area. However, it is possible for us to be having time with God, but not confessing our sin. So, I’d like to challenge you to shoot for a daily time of confession. If you miss a day, please don’t allow condemnation to creep in. God lovingly corrects His children, and that’s the voice you want to listen to.

A process I’ve found helpful is to sit quietly with pen and paper, asking God to reveal sin in my life that I need to ask forgiveness for. As He brings things to mind, I write them down and one by one I agree with Him that I’ve messed up and ask Him to help me in that area. Be as specific as possible. If there is something on the list where I’ve wronged someone, and I am able, I should go to that person and apologize. After I’m done praying over the list, I throw it away (you can burn it if you want). I do this “ritual” for me, God doesn’t require that I write my sins and then discard them. His blood covered my debt the moment I accepted His free gift of salvation. I love symbolism and I see it as a symbolic gesture of my sins being “cast off”. It really helps me to remember God’s grace and forgiveness in those moments when Satan seeks to throw past sins in my face. If I’ve admitted my wrongdoing, what on earth can the enemy accuse me of? Nothing. It also opens the door to God’s gentle correction, which I may otherwise ignore when life gets so noisy (those of you with kids know exactly what I mean).

Be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time. I’ve watched confession soften the hearts of my children. I’ve seen God eradicate behaviors from my own life through seeking His help in those areas. Be realistic and know that you may list the same sin each day (one of mine was Anger for a long time), but keep calling upon the Lord for help, and eventually it should show up on your list less and less… until, Lord willing, it isn’t there any longer.

Trust me, this may not seem like something that would impact your health, but it does. Try it, and see for yourself.


Now a word about posting for support or cheers: You are more than welcome to post in the comments of any “Journey” post or my daily “365 Raw” posts. What should you post? Well, anything you’d like to share with the group. If you’re struggling, please don’t shrink off to the shadows, let us pray for you and offer support. If you’re rocking, please don’t fly off into the sunset alone, share your joys that others may be encouraged.


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