365 Raw: Days 117-123 with “Potatoes”

This week I did have plain baked potatoes. I thought I’d say that right up front because I think a lot of times, when embarking on dietary changes, people believe they must be “perfect”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not on this raw journey to be picture perfect. I’m on this raw journey to distance myself from the toxins that draw me into an addictive relationship with certain foods. I’m on this raw journey to remove my focus from certain foods and place it on Christ instead. I’m on this journey for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Now, I’m not sure eating a baked potato on day 10 would have been wise for me, as I wasn’t that far removed from my french fry addiction at that point. However, I’m now solidly over 100 days into this, and I felt like I could handle a couple of potatoes. Will I make potatoes a regular part of my diet now? Probably not, but I don’t feel badly about having them because my reasons for the journey are still intact. I did consult the Lord before having them, and He didn’t indicate to me that I should refrain.

I do believe that raw food is ideal for the human body, that belief hasn’t changed. I also believe that we cannot take a legalistic approach to food or it will become an idol. Perhaps the prompting to eat the potatoes was actually to prove to myself that I wasn’t trading one idol for another. I’ve bowed to food in various forms. I’ve bowed in the name of overindulgence and in the name of restriction… that “feast or famine” mentality I’ve mentioned out here numerous times. Both mind-sets are a form of captivity and idolatry (when sought above God). I don’t want to become subservient to raw or cooked food.

To me, this was confirmation that my journey really isn’t about food any longer. It’s about seeking God’s face. Yes, I will continue to eat as close to 100% raw as possible for the remainder of the year, and I do expect to continue to benefit from it. As I type this, I’m munching on a large bowl of sliced oranges (yum). I feel that God is calling me to take the emphasis off of “eating raw” and place it more on taking care of myself as a whole, and reliance on Him for results, which is one reason I’m not posting daily on this topic any longer.

I am thoroughly enjoying the study on Daniel I’m doing. There will be more posts coming on that I’m sure!

This week’s chronological journey through the Bible: Psalm 73, 77-78; 1 Chronicles 6; Psalm 81, 88, 92-93; 1 Chronicles 7-10; Psalm 102-104; 2 Samuel 5:1-10, 1 Chronicles 11-12; Psalm 133; Psalm 106-107


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