365 Raw: Day 101 with “Chores”

chores-kids-can-doSeveral years ago, we implemented a program with our kids that would teach them to manage money, and required daily chores. Well, recently, a friend dropped by, and despite the amount of chores the four kids do, my house was a mess. I began to think, “how on earth can my home look like this with the number of chores being done around here?” So, I prayed about it, and this last week we put into action a new plan.

For starters, I decided to return to some of the FlyLady concepts (zones in particular). Next, I decided that we would have a family meeting to discuss the problem and hash out the details of the solution. The kids helped me divide the house into five zones (one for each of us). Then they helped come up with a list of daily, weekly, and monthly chores. We also decided that all zones should be picked up every evening so we can start the next day without clutter. We decided that we would have our assigned zone for three months and then rotate. Part of your zone would be your own bedroom. None of the kids wanted their siblings cleaning their bedroom (understandable).

Once we came up with the zone and chore lists, I created chore charts for each of us for the first month. One week in and my house is cleaner than it’s been in a while. My office was an utter mess again, but I’m spending 15 minutes a day in there re-organizing it. I need to purchase a couple of file cabinets though.

The beauty of putting one person in charge of a zone is that it is very obvious if they are keeping it up or not. No one else can be blamed, it’s entirely on them. This first week, the chores have taken a bit longer to complete because we’ve had to do some deep cleaning. Hopefully, up-keep will be far less time consuming.

Today’s Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 2-6

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