365 Raw: Day 100 with “TKD”

brown beltYes, it is day 100!!! I’m quite shocked to have made it this far on raw fruits and veggies. It seems rather appropriate that I would reach 100 days on the day that I test to move into the “advanced belt” stage of my tae kwon do journey.

At this point, our belt certificates become a lot more ornate and are from Korea. More is also expected of us. Two of my kids are already on Brown Sr (I’m brown), and in three months (when they are scheduled to test for red) they’ll likely get to place their black belts on the wall in anticipation of “the big one”. During last night’s test, the husband said I looked a lot lighter on my feet. I felt a lot lighter too. I also didn’t get winded. Sure, I was breathing heavier (especially during sparring), but that would subside as soon as we stopped moving. Oh and it was really warm in there, but I didn’t overheat. It was like my body’s natural cooling system actually worked. This is a great thing, especially when wearing the uniform (with a t-shirt under) AND a hogu (chest protection). You can get pretty toasty with all of that on.

Since I’m now 100 days in, I don’t think I’m going to post what I eat each day for a bit. It’s basically the same thing every day, which is rather boring to re-post. If I eat something out of the ordinary, I’ll probably talk about that, but food really isn’t a focus of my day anymore. I get hungry, I eat fruit or veg. It’s really quite simple. I’m also not going to re-post my original symptom list any longer so if you want to see that, you can go to posts prior to 100 days.

Today’s Bible Reading: Judges 21, Ruth 1-4, 1 Samuel 1

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