Join the Journey: April’s Path

Alright sojourners, the next 30 days of our journey has already begun! I’m so sorry for the delay in posting. We’ve had much going on that could not be helped.

If you are just joining us, I am going to recommend that you start from April and move forward with us. The only exception being those who wish to do the 12-Step Journey. If you’re just joining us and want to do that version, please begin with January’s Path… of course, you’ll be doing it during the month of April instead. There is a purpose to the order and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the benefits. So, after you read the mission, come back here.

Those who already have a plan to follow, did you re-evaluate last months plan? Do you have what you need to start off with a bang? Please post in the comments of this message what your plan for March will be. Even if you’ve set a time-frame for your personal journey that’s longer, let’s just focus on April for now.

leafy-green-vegetablesThose taking on the “12-Step Journey”, today is the day you find out what I’m going to ask you to add for April. Our theme for the month will be: “Greens”. This next step is to help you get through to spring with a bit more ease. Now that we’re walking with God, hydrated, and moving more, we are going to dedicate this month to adding more greens to our diet.

The Mission: Eat your greens

Notice that I did not tell you to cut out anything. I just want you to add more greens. If you’re already eating a pound a day, you probably don’t need to add any. I would bet that most people don’t even come close to a pound of greens a day, so your mission is to add some more.

You don’t have to eat them alone. You can add them to what you already eat. Put them on your sandwiches, throw them in your smoothies, cut up your pizza and toss it on a bed of greens. The point is to begin feeding your body the nutrients it needs, and greens are filled with things that your body needs.

Be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time. Maybe start with adding just an ounce or two daily. If your portion it out at the start of your day and then look for opportunities to include it, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Again, this isn’t about removing anything from your diet, this is about adding. As time goes on, those greens will probably crowd out something that your body really doesn’t want (although right now it might think it does).

Now a word about posting for support or cheers: You are more than welcome to post in the comments of any “Journey” post or my daily “365 Raw” posts. What should you post? Well, anything you’d like to share with the group. If you’re struggling, please don’t shrink off to the shadows, let us pray for you and offer support. If you’re rocking, please don’t fly off into the sunset alone, share your joys that others may be encouraged.

Blessings! May your April find you healthier still than last month.


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