365 Raw: Day 90 with “Orange/Strawberry Smoothie”

Ninety days! I’m doing a little dance. These past 90 days have been rather interesting. I feel like I’ve been on an emotional and physical roller coaster some days. I’ve gone through phases of things that I like, and things that I don’t. The thing that I’m most into right now is my orange/strawberry smoothie. YUM! Inspired by Megan Elizabeth’s winter smoothie, it’s super simple. I juice 8 oranges and blend that with 10 ounces of frozen strawberries. This has become my favorite “lunch” lately. I just love it! So, if you’re needing a new twist on orange juice, give this a try. Sorry, I don’t have a photo because I already drank it today lol. Trust me, is lovely to look at and to taste.

strawberries and orangesAntibiotic update – I’m really not enjoying taking them. I feel like I’m “off” a bit, they taste yuck, my stomach feels yuck, lovely monthly showed early, and I swear that they knock me out. I’ve been sleeping sooo much these last few days. I am glad that my mouth isn’t hurting though.

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What I read: Judges 3-5

What I ate:

  • 6 bananas, 4 oz Kale, 4 oz spinach, 24 oz strawberries, 34 ml wheatgrass juice, 8 oranges juiced, pickles & kale chips

What I did: more rest

Here are the notes I made regarding my symptoms throughout Day 90:

  • slowed digestion (gas, abdominal pain, bloating)
  • headaches
  • puffy hands, feet, and face
  • sinus congestion
  • dry/itchy eyes, skin, and scalp
  • acne
  • aching muscles and muscle spasms
  • foggy brain
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • blood sugar fluctuations
  • fatigue
  • unable to sleep well
  • unquenchable thirst
  • cravings
  • chest pain
  • cold soreslast one 1/13/2013
  • kidney stones – eliminated when we went vegan Oct 2011
  • tooth pain – root canal 3/22/2013
  • sensitive teeth

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