365 Raw: Day 87 with “Castaway”

Yesterday’s crying on the floor of my bathroom wishing for death wasn’t a good place to be. Last night was rough. We have multiple pair of figure skates in this house, so you know something is seriously wrong when you start thinking Chuck Nolton’s (Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway) solution to tooth pain begins to sound reasonable.

castaway-5toothMy dentist was out of the office today so the Husband got me an appointment at an emergency dental clinic. Ugh. After some x-rays and “tooth tapping”, I needed a root canal. I really didn’t want to do the root canal, but I was so sick of being in pain.  Not long after the drilling began, the doctor noticed a fracture in my tooth. I’ve suspected my tooth was cracked for a long time, but the other two dentists I’ve mentioned it to blew it off. She said that more than likely the fracture is what’s been causing me the most pain all these years (about six years) and now it’s badly infected. Lots of dollars, Novocaine (it wears off on me super quick), and drilling later, I’m home without part of my tooth (she removed it to see how deep the fracture went) and some antibiotics. I am not excited about taking antibiotics, but by the time I got to the dentist I had a fever and chills. We’re not finished with this whole process, but I’m hoping that the pain part is over. I think I was ready to resort to whatever it took to make the pain stop… yes, even by enlisting the help of my daughter’s figure skates. On the plus side, at least I haven’t started talking to volleyballs yet 😉


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What I read: Joshua 9-15

What I ate:

  • 5 bananas, 4 oz Kale, 4 oz spinach, 34ml wheat grass juice, 17 oz strawberries, 13 oranges juiced, 6 oz apple juice, 6 oz coconut water

What I did: spent a good part of the day at the dentist’s office

Here are the notes I made regarding my symptoms throughout Day 87:

  • slowed digestion (gas, abdominal pain, bloating)
  • headaches
  • puffy hands, feet, and face
  • sinus congestion
  • dry/itchy eyes, skin, and scalp
  • acne
  • aching muscles and muscle spasms
  • foggy brain
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • blood sugar fluctuations
  • fatigue
  • unable to sleep well
  • unquenchable thirst
  • cravings
  • chest pain
  • cold soreslast one 1/13/2013
  • kidney stones – eliminated when we went vegan Oct 2011
  • tooth pain – root canal 3/22/2013
  • sensitive teeth

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