jeans, oh how I’ve missed you

jeans022013I’ve been doing this “raw thang” (811rv) for 60 days now… and to mark the milestone, I tried on a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear since before I stopped dieting 5 months ago. Right after I stopped dieting, I knew I gained a few pounds, but I could tell that I’d stopped gaining before I started doing raw.

Well, today I got the jeans on. No, I don’t consider them ready for public wearing yet, but soon! I took a photo of them laying on top of the jeans I’ve been wearing (left). The darker pair is “stretchy”, whereas the lighter, and smaller, pair really doesn’t give at all.

At my largest, the bigger pair was actually tight on me. That was back in January of 2009. Even though I grew back into them last year, they were never as tight as they were back in 2008/2009. Back then, I was painfully close to moving up another size (shudder). So, I know I didn’t regain all the weight I lost while on WW in 2009 (75 lbs).

The smaller pair of jeans pictured were purchased after losing 75 pounds. They were somewhat roomy on me then (would wear them when bloated and unable to wear the smaller ones lol). So, I know I will shrink even more than this.

Other articles of clothing that I’ve gotten into are my favorite PJ bottoms (wearing them in my birthday cake post), and my running tights/tops.

My hope is that those who have been skeptical of whether or not I’m losing weight… since I’m not weighing myself, will be convinced that my body is indeed changing. I really don’t know what I weigh, nor do I want to guess. For now, I’m just excited about the prospect of wearing my jeans again very soon.


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