Are you starving?

dietingSo many people in America are dying of starvation. I’m not just talking about the ones who don’t get enough food. I’m talking about those starving nutritionally. If you add them to the number not eating enough, you’ve got most of the country dying of starvation. A person can eat 5,000 calories per day, but still be in “starvation-mode”. Our bodies require vitamins, and minerals to function properly, but most of the food consumed in this country contains very little (if any) of what we need… and a whole lot of what we don’t. Hence, all the dietary disease we’re seeing. When you aren’t properly fed, your body prompts you to eat more in an attempt to get those nutrients. Your body believes you are starving even when you’re eating high caloric foods. This is a defense mechanism that the dieting industry forces us to fight against in order to lose weight. Oh sure, they tell us to “eat healthy” (which means something different to every “expert”), but dieting keeps us nutritionally starved. Most obese people have a ridiculous amount of willpower (contrary to popular belief), but their bodies are working tirelessly against them because they are starving. I’ve been in the obese category. I’ve had 100+ pounds of extra weight, so I do “get it”. We don’t have to believe the lies that we’re weak or lazy. If you’re like me, you’ve successfully done more “diets” than you can count. The truth is, when you add calorie restriction to nutritional starvation, you get a double whammy. Now you are under-eating for your basic caloric needs (you need fuel to function), and you’re nutritionally challenged. This is the main reason dieting (calorie restriction, deprivation) doesn’t work long term. Your body reaches a point where it screams louder than your desire to fit into those skinny jeans, and out come the most calorie dense, fatty foods you can think of. Next, guilt sets in and you begin the cycle all over again. This is what keeps the diet industry alive and well… and makes it a $40 billion a year business.

Of course, this doesn’t even take into account the addictive qualities of many of the foods Americans consume. This is another factor that wreaks havoc on the person desperately trying to lose weight. To break the cycle of addiction you must stop consuming addicting things. Sounds simple, but it’s not. This is the point where we notice that spiritual starvation is also a factor. We feed our spirits with junk TV and trashy reading and gossipy news and negative thoughts. All the while, God’s desire is to renew our minds and renew a right spirit within us. This requires us to seek His face. We can’t keep starving our spirits and expect our lives to be empowered supernaturally. “Garbage in, garbage out.”

So what’s the cure? Well, for starters, earnestly seek God and do His will… not your will, not man’s will, not Hollywood’s will, not the government’s will, not your Mamma’s will… God’s will. Secondly, eat nutrient rich, colorful, whole foods. Not pills or potions or other man-made concoctions promising to meet our nutritional needs… or promising low calories, low carb, low fat, low points… etc. If you add in colorful fruits and veggies, you’ll be stocking up on vitamins and nutrients that will make your body oh so happy. When your body and spirit are properly nourished, you’ll find that obesity becomes a non-issue. So, start feeding yourself, don’t look for the next diet, but rather talk to God and spend some of that $40 billion on foods that work with your body, not against it. I always thought that losing weight was far more difficult, but I’m learning it is quite simple when you set your body/spirit up for gaining success.

After five months without dieting or scale-watching, I can honestly say, this is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. No, I’m not losing weight at “Biggest Loser” rates, but I’m not starving anymore either. I feel much more balanced since hopping off the diet-go-round and avoiding the scale. The weight is coming off, as evidenced by having to pin the waist of my jeans to keep them from falling down; However, far more is going on besides mere weight-loss. I’m healthier on so many levels because I’m no longer starving.

Are you starving? Well, you can change that today… right now in fact. The road ahead will feel uncertain at times, and perhaps even frustrating, but the light will dawn and you’ll find yourself set free if you press on toward the prize.


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