365 Raw: Day 45-47 with “Time”

Sometimes life just gets busy. We had a lot going on Friday through Sunday. There were errands to run… and a race to run. And then there was the prep-work for the coming week. This next week I may not feel like I have a whole lot of time on my hands. I already feel short of time as it is, but we’ve got an even fuller schedule this week.

So, this post is short, and not my usual kind of 365 raw check in, but this is what I can manage after the last few days.

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What I read: Leviticus 5-13

What I ate:

Raw food lol – I didn’t write it all down. I grazed pretty much all weekend. Yes, I was very tempted to eat some cooked food, but I didn’t. I even had a bad attitude about it a few times when stress got the better of me.

What I did: 3 mile run/walk (mostly running) on Friday & 5 mile race on Saturday


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