Join the Journey: Click Mistake

Ok, so I began setting up my Day 45 post and for some reason clicked the “publish” button… and then went “NOOOOOOO!!” Alright, so if you weren’t already aware that I make mistakes too, now you are :).

Seriously though, I was thinking about how often I mess up. Not just harmless click mistakes, but words best left unspoken (or typed), anger left unchecked, thoughts left to run a muck, idols bowed to… yeah, it’s a constant battle. Fortunately, it isn’t one I must fight alone. Praise the Lord for that!

Since we’re on the topic of mistakes, I hope your February journey is going well. Please feel free to check in. I would write more but I’m about to leave one rink to head to another one… ahhh, the mornings of a skater’s mom.


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