2013 Journey Check in #4

One week left in January… I hope the first month of the year has been filled with success. I’ve gotten to see some interesting effects of eating raw, and I’ve noted some things in the Bible reading I’m doing that I’ve missed in previous passes through these familiar stories.

Even though January 2013 is on the home stretch into becoming our past, we will continue our January mission of Prayer and Meditation into February. This isn’t a habit we will discontinue, it’s one we want to become a permanent fixture in our daily life. For those following along with the 12-Step Journey, I’ll have a new focus for you to add in February. That post is coming soon, so be on the lookout for it.

For those of you following your own plan of action, this last week is the perfect time to evaluate your goals and decide if changes need to be made beginning in February. Just bear in mind, this isn’t a sprint to the finish, this is a marathon… the tortoise always wins, remember?


2 thoughts on “2013 Journey Check in #4

  1. The Good – I am having more days that are 100% LFRV. I still have the occasional oatmeal or whole wheat spaghetti when I have cravings but those times are fewer and fewer. I am actually suprised how well I’m doing considering what time of year it is and what fruits are available. I really am enjoying the light feeling I have eating this way. My past was full of overeating cheese, bread, meat, & junk. No wonder I couldn’t get off the couch. My traveling has caused me to not be raw at times but I have been able to stay vegan which is a big win for me. I am seeing progress and isn’t that what it’s all about?

    The Bad – My Bible reading and prayer has been inconsistent. I have not created the space in my schedule early in the day to do it and say I’ll do it tonight. Sometime I do and sometimes I don’t! What a difference it makes to my whole day when I have my quiet time first thing in the morning. I like this month’s theme and the fact that when I miss a day not all is lost. I get back on the horse again and start riding. What would I do without Grace?!?!

    I hope you start feeling better soon. Detox is a necessary unpleasantry and it sounds like you’ve given that word new meaning :-). I haven’t had much yet because I’m not all raw yet. I’m hoping that my slow transition lessens the detox…maybe wishfull thinking. Keep doing the hard work that not only changes you inside and out but sets an awesome example for your family!


    • Thank you so much for your update, Mark! What an encouragement! Traveling as a vegan isn’t easy, so congratulations!! The Husband travels way more than I do, and it’s always a challenge for him… but like you, he stays vegan. I’ll get to try out raw vegan traveling in a couple of months. Isn’t that “light feeling” terrific?! Love it!

      You are absolutely right, where would any of us be without Grace?! God knows your heart and I fully believe He will cultivate that desire to spend time with Him first thing.

      Thank you, I am feeling much better. I do think a slower transition lessens it a great deal and perhaps, might be the better way to go lol. You keep setting that example as well! You’re doing great!

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