2013 Journey Checkin #3

We’ve made it half-way through the month! Can you believe it?! As you guys know, I’ve been reading through the Bible chronologically. I’ll tell you, reading through some of the dysfunction in those OT families, really makes me appreciate my own all the more. Every kind of sin imaginable is represented, and yet, the beauty is God’s continued faithfulness to forgive. He looks on the heart and sees that some of these men and women of faith really did want to please Him… they, like us, were human and made mistakes.

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He knows that we cannot achiever perfection. What He is seeking is men and women who will seek His face, who will earnestly seek His will. That’s why He was able to use those people in the OT with rap sheets a mile long… and that’s why He’s able to use us today. His grace is sufficient, and His way is right.

I hope your journey has been one of many discoveries so far, and I hope you’re continuing to press on toward the prize. One foot in front of the other, guys. Every step in the right direction puts us one step closer to better health.



2 thoughts on “2013 Journey Checkin #3

  1. Thanks Julie,
    Great thoughts!
    I just want to say I am feeling really good about the changes I am seeing. I feel like I am drawing close to God and letting Him define what I will choose. I love the message of freedom in Christ. It is not always raw or vegan but little by little I am moving toward as fresh and unaltered as I can. Enjoying many more fruits and vegetable than I have in the past. And as I go to Him daily for His strength, I am enabled to make the choices that are putting me on a path to a healthier me. After all, He is the Bread of Life that sustains and strengthens us in all areas, whether it be eating or over thinking the things I feel led to be involved in. Food is life, and the quality and quantity matters. I love that we are being encourage to take a long drink of The Life and ruminate on The Bread of Life every day.
    Love and Hugs,

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