Pit Dwellers

ThePitYesterday, our pastor spoke on “pits”. I couldn’t help but think of all those years I spent dwelling in one food related pit after another. My pit had many names… fear, addiction, idolatry, dis-trust, anger, unforgiveness… yes, I had plenty to keep me wallowing there. Fortunately, God is not content to leave us in the muck and mire of the pit. If we truly want out, He will assist us… but there’s a catch. It’s a beautiful paradox. In order to be free from the pit, we must give ourselves to Him. It would seem that we are trading one bondage for another but that’s the paradox.

God loves us. The pit does not. God cherishes us. The pit does not. God rescues, the pit enslaves. God forgives, the pit condemns. God blesses, the pit curses. God lifts up, the pit drags down. God is merciful, the pit is merciless. God lights, the pit darkens. God cleanses, the pit dirties.

So many today are pit dwelling and don’t even know it. It isn’t until you step into the light that you realize just how dark it was.

“He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps.” ~ Psalm 40:2


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