2013 Journey Check In #1

I know it’s only been a couple of days, but I would love to know how things are going so far. I’ve gotten some text messages indicating that some are going through some withdrawals. Hang in there!

My version of January’s Mission is to continue reading through the Bible. I’m planning to go through it chronologically this year, which is a rather cool way to read it.

If you’d like to give us an update, that would be great! Feel free to post in the comments. You are more than welcome to reply to others too.



6 thoughts on “2013 Journey Check In #1

  1. I started the new year with the Flu (induced by a high sugar diet over Christmas :-)…so a slow start.
    So far stayed 100% lowfat vegan (many green smoothies) with about 80% raw.
    Not much exercise, just a little walking due to the flu symptoms.
    Last night meditated on Psalm 145 started by the song from Shane & Shane with that title. It’s hard to feel down when you are in praise and gratitude mode!
    About to get 5 sunny days in a row so my attitude is picking up and hope to feel better and include some outdoor activities (leading to lbs. dropped)!
    Have a great Day!

    • I think you’re totally right about what you eat making you susceptible to the Flu! Green smoothies are fantastic for always, but especially when you’re sick!

      Isn’t it so true that worshiping the Lord puts you in a far different state of mind? Enjoy those sunny days! It’s sunny here about 300 days a year, but right now it’s also in the 20’s lol. It’s still nice to get out and get some rays though.

      Praying for speeding healing – thanks for checking in, Mark! Keep up the journey!

  2. It has been a rough few days here. I started getting sick on Monday. Upper Respiratory junk, mostly. As the days moved on I’ve only gotten worse.

    Today began early because I had picked up four hours at the beginning on my eight hour shift at the hospital. I got up and packed my lunch, and dinner, and journaled it before starting to get ready for the day. I managed to get to work, feeling awful, and was there only five minutes before my supervisor told me I was in no shape to take care of patients. UGH. I knew that but it’s a hard decision to make. I want to be reliable and I need the paycheck, however, I realize that I’m not doing my co-workers or our patients any favors by coming to work sick. So, I proceed to call my doctor to see if I can get in for an appointment before I leave town and head back home. No appointments available anywhere in Ames. Yep, everybody has what I have. So, I made a phone call to my deceased father’s medical clinic in Boone to see if any of his partners would do me any favors by squeezing me in. While I’m waiting for them to call me back I drove to the Husband’s work to tell him I had just been shunned by MGMC and sent home. LOL. He suggested we have lunch together while I wait for the return call from my dad’s clinic. It’s then that I realize that I left my lunch (and dinner) that I had packed at work. UGH. So, I had a lovely lunch, that I couldn’t taste, with my husband and it was not on my plan. Oh, well. I’ll trade that for some nice time with him.

    In the meantime I get a call back from the clinic in Boone. They are booked too and told me that my symptoms are exactly what everyone else has and I will need to wait it out. OKAY?! Not the answer I was looking for. So, I then leave Ames, heading for Boone and longing for the comfort of my bed. Thirty minutes later I’m in my drive and I step out of the car and look down at “my” keys. My first thought was “why do I have a Minnesota Vikings transformer key chain in my hand.” Then it hits me…….because the Husband drove my car to lunch. He must have just used his keys, which means, wait for it…….yep, I have both sets of keys and he is in Ames. SIGH.

    Round trip back to Ames at which point I’m in tears and finally I’m about to reach my bed. In the midst of all this I learned that my brother and his wife had their second baby girl this morning. Sophie Marie made her entrance weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. She is beautiful but has been transferred to the NICU due to low blood sugar levels. Please keep her in your prayers.

    ~ Mandy

    • Well, first of all, Congratulations to your brother & SIL and to you as well πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about the blood sugar thing too much. I think all of my kids had to be observed for that.

      Secondly, what a day! All I can say is that the enemy does not take our commitment to making positive changes lightly. He will try everything to stand in your way. Keep pressing forward and drink up some green smoothies. Of course, be sure to rest when you can too. I’m praying for quick healing, my friend. (((hugs)))

  3. I had a long post written and got interrupted. When I came back to the computer I accidentally opened another page and lost it. So, just for a short update, I am enjoying working towards a new healthier me. Did well the first week, felt better with no headaches the last several days. Haven’t eaten as much raw as I would like. We had 5 grandson’s with us for several days but ate and logged everything in my Lose it app. Julie, I like the Fitbit Zip and am trying to connect it to my Lose it app. Lots of new gadgets to help me stay on track. Tell Erik I love it and I thank you both for your great and caring gift!
    Enjoying reading and meditating on God Word. I have found I go too slow to stick with a reading program for one year so I will have to spread it out and get done at my own pace. Don’t feel like just reading to check it off. God and I both know it is not getting written on my heart where it belongs.
    Love you, Julie. Mandy and Mark, I hope your health is getting much better very quickly. Don’t mess around with that stuff. There is some real nasty bugs out there.

    • Hi Mom! I’m so glad the headaches are gone. Those are a beast! Adding in lots of raw takes time, be patient with yourself and continue to celebrate those victories πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the FitBit, do you need help figuring out how to get it set up with Lose It?

      Oh yes, I know what you mean about meditating on God’s Word, that’s what I use the devotionals for because they often focus on one small passage or verse. Or, I’ll pull up the “verse of the day” on my Bible app and mediate on that while sitting at the rink. Reading through the Bible this year, for me, is about getting it done lol. Every year that I have done it, He’s shown me something new and made connections for me that I’ve missed before.

      Hope things have settled since the boys left (or have they left yet?). Love you too!

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