Join the Journey: January’s Path

Alright sojourners, the first 31 days of our journey will begin tomorrow! Are you ready?

Those who already have a plan to follow, do you have your tools in place? Is your kitchen stocked? Are your workout clothes washed? If you haven’t already posted your plan in the comments of my Join The Journey post, please do so today. Even if you’ve set a time-frame for your personal journey that’s longer than one month, let’s just focus on January for now.

Those taking on the “12-Step Journey”, today is the day you find out what I’m going to ask you to add in January. Our theme for this month will be: “Prayer & Meditation”. We’re beginning here because if our focus is out of whack, we’ll likely take the wrong path. We are going to dedicate the first month of our journey to the Lord. You may interpret this in whatever way you wish.

The Mission: spend 15 minutes in prayer/meditation each day.

This is an excellent time for doing more listening than talking (‘m so guilty of swapping these around). Personally, I have found sitting with the Lord, pen and journal in hand, to be very beneficial these past few months. When He speaks, I draw a cross and then write what He’s telling me. When He stops speaking, I punctuate it with another cross.

RejoiceinMeYou do not have to do what I do, this is simply an idea for how to spend your 15 minutes. Maybe ask the Lord how He would like you to spend the time… listening, praising, reading, praying for others…etc. Perhaps you’re already spending 15 minutes or more in this way daily. Well, you can either increase the time, or change it somehow. Ask God what your focus should be. Ask Him to bless your efforts as you journey through this year.

If you would like some devotional ideas, these two are excellent and simple options:

Breaking Free Day by Day

Jesus Calling

Alright, so for the next part, in honor of my darling friend, Mandy (who is joining us on this journey by the way), we’re going to do a little old-school tracking of our January mission. I would like for you to print out a January 2013 calendar. Place this calendar somewhere that you will see it daily (bathroom mirrors work wonders lol). Next, choose a pen of your favorite color. Every day that you complete this month’s mission, I want you to mark a symbol of your choosing on that day (I’m going with a cross). Now, if you already have a day-planner, or some other kind of calendar that you can write on, feel free to use that if you’d like, but put a sticky note reminder somewhere. If you’re using a journal, you could mark the symbol next to the date.

JanuaryCalendarThis tracking exercise is not to be used to generate “guilt” for missed days. If feelings of guilt come over you, reject them immediately, and do what you can to fulfill the mission that day. As I like to quote Beth Moore, “A victorious life is the sum of many victorious days.” She didn’t say that EVERY day is victorious. Progress not perfection, my friends.

Now a word about posting for support: You are more than welcome to post in the comments of any “Journey” post or my daily “365 Raw” posts. Also, I have created a new group on Facebook called “Join the Journey 365”. If you would like to be added to that group, you must first post your “Journey plan” out here, and then let me know that you want into the group. What should you post? Well, anything you’d like to share with the group. If you’re struggling, please don’t shrink off to the shadows, let us pray for you and offer support. If you’re rocking, please don’t fly off into the sunset alone, share your joys that others may be encouraged.

I’ll leave you with an inspirational song – enjoy New Year’s Vow by Kutless


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